Hello, may I introduce myself to you?

My spiritual name is Krishnananda dasa. Krishnananda exists of two Sanskrit words: Krishna and ananda. Krishna is the name of the Most High Personality of Godhead and ananda means blissfulness. So added together, my name means Krishna’s blissfulness. The Sanskrit word dasa means: servant.

See for more details: our World University of Peace site: http://communiu.home.xs4all.nl/webtxt/Krishnananda.htm, http://www.communityofpeace.net and click on the button for our Community of Peace site, and also: http://www.communityofpeace.net/Krishna’s%20Pages.htm.

If you want to take part in our World University of Peace, please act as is stated on the bottom of the Homepage: http://www.communityofpeace.net.

Thank you!

Krishnananda dasa


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