verdict of this Court in the case: seizing of the World Passport of: Jake: dāsa

13 Feb


Vrede zij met Allen! / Peace be with All!

Bijgaand zend ik u Allen een afschrift van de uitspraak van dit Hof toe. Aan deze uitspraak dient te worden voldaan op basis van de “Lex Naturalis”.

Dear Legal-Department,

Are you able in assisting this verdict of this Court by writing a letter to: Erik-Steven-Maria: Akerboom, Corpschef of police, P.O. Box~17107, 2502 CC ‘s-GRAVENHAGE, the Netherlands.

The paper-Atlanta®-(by Jalema)~2206026000-vessel is just a peace of paper on which is written in exact Dutch words: “Zaterdag 14 oktober ‘17 22:40 Elfwekenlaan Zwartewaal NL Inname World Passport nr. 354398 Dasa Jake 30-05-1955 Zuidland Politie Rotterdam RNM10425.” Nothing more. Translated: “Saturday 14 October ‘17 10:40PM Elfwekenlaan Zwartewaal NL Seizing of World Passport nr. 354398 Dasa Jake 30-05-1955 Zuidland Police Rotterdam RNM10425.” Nothing more. So: I know as much as you do now!

I hope that you are able to read this Dutch verdict of this Court so that you are able to assist us with a nice Dutch? letter. By the way: there is not a public institution in this Postal zone of Holland anymore. The state is a private company, the police is a private company, the ministries are private companies, the courts are private companies, the tax companies are private companies, you name it and it is a private company, or part of a private company with its Own: DUN&BRADSTREET-DUNS-Nrs. Here in Holland there is no country, for country means: Constructive-Treason under a foreign-flag-guise!

For this reason: going to a Dutch court will not help us. Therefore this Court already made several of these verdicts.

Connected in Light and Love,

sincerely your servant,




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