Seat and Powers of the Government of Mahābhārata

22 Mrt

Peace be with you All!

During my Solvitur Ambulando today it came up to me that it is good that both Ministers laid down their functions.

It is better that I take full responsibility for All in our United Worldwide Nation: Mahābhārata. Because in fact: the Lord asked me to lead his People out of Babylon and to assemble it into the United Worldwide Nation: Mahābhārata, as the New Israel. This New Israel is a Community of Peace which is lead by Jesus the Messiah. It is our Earthly Paradise. His Minister of ASHA is his representative in this Earthly Paradise.

I hope you will take good notice of this.

But I cannot do it all alone. Therefore I need co-workers to work with me.

The first thing we have to set up is: Mahābhārata Post.

Our personal addresses as Residents of Mahābhārata will be from now on:


Spiritual District of Holland

Personal address. This is agreed with PostNL, but we need to deliver our letters ourselves as we are a Souvereign United Nation under Krishna or Christ, God.

If our Mahābhārata Post is working properly, we can make further advancements.

As I wrote: we have to set up step by step as children learning to walk, because otherwise people will be upset as we learned from the past.

Connected in Light and Love,

sincerely your servant,

Krishnānanda, Minister of ASHA



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