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Best Christmas wishes and a happy New Year!

23 Dec

Community of Peace

Peace be with you all!

Greetings in the name of our Zion Family, Jah Rastafari! Who liveth and reigneth I’n’I itinually, ever faithful, ever sure!

It is Revelation time. Therefore many Biblic Prophecies and the Prophecies from people like Bob Marley and others will be fulfilled in this time. For instance that Zion Train is coming your way. So people, if you ‘re ready: get on board! Praise for I! You ‘ve got to get the Train for there’s no other station. I hear you ‘re going in the same Direction. Zion Train is coming your way.
Soul Train is coming your way. Two thousand years of history (black history) could not be wiped away so easily! Two thousand years of history (Bible history) could not be wiped so easily. Soul Train is coming your way!

These days we celebrate the “Birth of Light”, God’s Light, that shines continually, but is to be revived in the hearts of people. In our website that we are renewing right now, our purpose is: to prepare Earthly Paradise of DEVELOPMENT, of Love and understanding, of Peace, Love, Harmony (Revelation 20: 1 – 6)! Therefore our mission is to awaken and enlarge Krishna Prema (= Love of God) that slumbers in the hearts of every thinking being in this Earthly Paradise. For that reason the topmost important fact is that thinking beings develop their own consciousness so that the lion is able to lay himself down beside the lamb again. The development of self consciousness is tightly connected with the development of Krishna or God consciousness.
To reach this goal, we established our World University of Peace to train people up to a highly evolved state of being. In order to reach this goal our education is focused on the knowledge of God (however one may call him for God has many Names, also in many languages and many cultures), so that everyone is able to know him and to Love him, and is given in accordance with the instructions of a Universal Preacher / Acārya who is in the direct line of Disciplic Succession from God. In this Way, people can get their “second birth”.
Our aim is to overcome the four imperfections of Life: no one wants to die, yet people die; no one wants to get old, yet people get old; no one wants to be ill, yet people get ill, and people are born. There is only ONE WAY to overcome our earthly troubles, and that is: totally surrender unto the Lotus feet of Krishna, our God. This afternoon, I listened to a class on the Nectar of Devotion, given by my Spiritual Master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, in which he said that if one does not serve God, he serves dog! Because: if people do not evolve further than eating and drinking, sleeping, mating and defending, they are not much more than animals who do the same things every day. So: everyone serves one way or another. Who does not serve God, serves Maya: illusions. For that reason, we wish you every situation in which you can choose higher and higher to leave Babylon, “mother of all whores and of all disgusting things of the world” (Revelation 17: 5). Because in Revelation 18: 4 and 5, on behalf of God we are asked to leave Babylon, “so that you have no part in her sins and flight from the plagues that will overcome her. For her sins are reaching heaven and God will justify her unjustice.”

Therefore as soon as our renewed website is finished, we solemnly proclaim: Mahābhārata, our Worldwide Nation of Sovereign and Spiritual People who are united in our Community of Peace with the United Nations in New York, and promulgate a contemporary constitutional law which will be published on our website too. We shall do this on the basis of Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in which is stated that:

  1. everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association;
  2. no one may be compelled to belong to an association.

This Declaration was reconfirmed by the “Millennium Declaration”, A/RES/55/2, of the United Nations which was adopted unanimously. So, in a pure juridical sense, nations of the world that we shall call Spiritual Districts, cannot harrass us without violating this Declaration that they adopted unanimously in the year 2000. Therefore Community of Peace will proclaim Mahābhārata, and you will be able to peacefully associate with our Community of Peace, which is a step before the decission to take part in it. We are trying to find a way to provide you a Universal Travel and Identification Document with which you can identify yourself in all Spiritual Districts of Mahābhārata: we shall publish these means in a protected zone of our website. The Documents themselves are ready, but we have to find a way for you to be able to upload your pass photograph to this Document. So in a short time we have to: Get up, stand up, stand up for our rights that are taken away by our governments, and in Holland also: by judges, of whom some are not independent! Therefore in a short time we have to harvest the Earth in order to fulfill Revelation 14: 14 – 16, because the Earth is ripe for harvesting, and will our Exodus, the movement of Jah People, begin to fulfill Revelation 18: 4 and 5. For we’re going to our Father’s Land: Vaikunthaloka in Sanskrit, with another brother Moses who already crossed the Read Sea. In the mean time we shall educate as much people as possible to a highly evolved state of being so that God’s People will expand themselves. This is very simple if you realize that everything emanates from God Who is Spiritual! God is not material. Forgetfulness of God delivers people material energy. Therefore the Mean is: simply surrender yourselves unto the Lotus feet of Krishna and you already live in Vaikuntha! The easiest Way to go there is to chant the Hare Krishna mantra:

hare kŗşņa hare kŗşņa kŗşņa kŗşņa hare hare

hare rāma hare rāma rāma rāma hare hare,

in Sanskrit language. Hare is addressing the Love potency of the Lord, Mother Harā, Who will take you to the Lord: Krishna and Rāma. This helps you to realize that all of us are Spiritual Souls, deriving from the Spiritual abode of Krishna. We therefore are not our bodies, nor our minds that will be vanished in vain as soon as we are Krishna or God = Self conscious. For that reason I’n’I will see you through. Jah Rastafari! That is why we are living in this particular part of Vaikuntha. Now: Feel and Act likewise! Because in a highly evolved being, the decission of the Soul is before the Act.

With this we end our writing by wishing you all a merry christmas and a happy New Year!

On behalf of our Community of Peace,
signed by Krishnānanda, Owner of the © copyrights to his Own Name: Dirk; belonging to the family: Van den Engel,
sincerely your servant in Krishna or Christ