NASA War Document and other Documents of interest

15 Okt

Dear Chair People and members of the Staten-Generaal (Parliament), Peace be with you!

This e-mail contains proof of warfare against humanity whereabout I wrote often in the past. The link to the in this e-mail warns us and suggests us to read the NASA War Document and other similar Documents of interest that can be found on the website of Stop the Crime and associated websites. You will be guided through. It is about the chemtrails and other weapons the Elite, the Alignement, the Illuminati, the New World Order or whatever name you will give them are already using and will be using in their fight against humanity. It is about the depopulation (by 90 % or more!) of the human kind (a genocide is nothing compared to this).

Therefore now it is the time to act together, for we are more than people on this Planet Earth, a vast majority. The Elite is a vast minority and their power is only based on lies and deceaving people. So read these Documents and warn other people as well. We need to act as One as quick as possible for our minds will be controlled as well. They destroy our atmosphere of which I have proof myself: our atmosphere should be – living at sealevel or something below at some places in my neighbourhood in Holland – 29; it however is: 27, which is some denser than the atmosphere on the British Isles! So we need to get together and act as soon as possible.

It is the duty of the state to protect their people, so let all addressed, just as I do now, warn their Parliaments so that they can ask the governements to act for their people! It is your right and their duty! If the Parliaments do not respond to your warnings, send their members away because they are probably bribed by the Elite. In my former e-mail this night, I asked our Parliament already to acknowledge the illness of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and to ask our minister of defense to stop the spreading of particals in our atmosphere by chemtrails spread out by planes, and in the USA perhaps also even by IFO’s = Identified Flying Objects. In this time speaking of UFO’s is also a lie! These objects do exist: flying objects have been crashed on earth! Joannes = EN.KI came out of the sea! In the USA an IFO is crashed at Croswell. Besides: flying objects are even described in Vedic Literature of almost 6.000 years ago (by Vyasadeva) and in the Bible, for example in Ezechiel, chapter one. So read all about it and know that these objects are identified as existing.
My spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, always said: “You should read the Scriptures litterally; let them speak for themselves!” If you do not understand them, then try to contact a spiritual coach who will help you to understand these Scriptures. But be careful with that, for there are many so called spiritual masters who are dressed in “sheepclothes”, but behave as “wolves” as the bible states and my spiritual master said.

These Documents are about Monsato and their chemtech; this company orders to poison the land and produced seeds that grow on this poisoned land. In near future we need to eat that poisoned food and have to suffer from that!
Where goes all the money to? It flees in great sums to the Elite! America is (almost) bankrupt and China owns nearly all the money and gold. Worldbank: one currency – the Euro is pushed through. Also watch the video of Thrive Movement (appr. 2 hours and 12 minutes – you are able to watch this movie for free, or you can make a donation for watching).

The Bible says in Matthew 24 that these times are difficult to come through, but I am also permitted to write here that it is not the meaning of the Lord that Planet Earth will be lost for mankind! The Book of Revelation clearly states that Earthly Paradise of Development and Growth will florish on this Planet Earth.

With these words of hope I shall end this writing.

Sincerely your servant,
Kris (owner of the © copyrights to my Own Name Dirk; from the family: Van den Engel),
Sovereign and Free Spiritual Man of Flesh and Blood on the Land


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